Saturday, November 23, 2013

DIY Puppet Show Stage Box

When my husband and I bought Bri her power wheel car for her Birthday I knew I didn't want to throw the box away because I knew I could make something out of it. Ari and Bri always like to pretend and put on skits so I knew this big box would be great to make a Puppet Show Stage box out of it. I saw on Pinterest so many different ways that people came up with to make their own Puppet Show Stage boxes and got some ideas to make my own.
First I painted the front of the box black. I didn't paint the whole box because I didn't want to waste paint. If I make this again I would save the painting part for after I cut the box.

Then I taped all the flaps down on the top and inside the box.

Then on the back of the box (the side I didn't paint) I drew a opening and cut it out.

Then on the side of the box I painted, I took a small plate and drew out a pattern for the top of the Puppet Show Stage.

Then I drew a straight line across the box where I wanted the opening to start.

Then I cut along the pattern I made and the line to make the Stage opening.

Then I painted the top of it white, glued some fabric inside the box, and adding some letters to the front.

The girls couldn't wait to play in it and LOVED how it came out!!

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Kid painted Leaf Waffles

This kid breakfast is also a fun Art activity for the kiddos.
All you need is some frozen waffles, milk, food coloring, leaf cookie cutters, and paint brushes. When using paint brushes buy a new pack and keep it in the kitchen and mark them for "FOOD ONLY". DO NOT USE THE SAME PAINT BRUSHES THAT YOU USE FOR ART PROJECTS AT HOME.

Pour a Tablespoon of milk into three little bowls and color them red, orange, and yellow with food coloring.

Lightly toast the waffles then give it to your kids to paint with the colored milk.

After they are done painting the waffles put the waffles in the toaster again to toast lightly.

Then give your children the leaf cookie cutter to cut out the leaf shape.

That's it!!

I love when I can make their food fun but also let them create it like an art project.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Leaf and Acorn Breakfast (Pancake and Sausages)

After I made the "Fall Color Leaf Cookies" I got this idea to do the same thing with pancakes for breakfast. It is so easy to make and the kids will love it!

 All you need is Pancake mix, leaf cookie cutters, food coloring and three squeeze bottles ( I used an old ketchup bottle for my third one because I only had two squeeze bottles but it works the same). Mix your pancake mix and separate them into the three separate bottles. With the food coloring, color the pancake mixes red, orange, and yellow.


Take one color at a time and make a circle and swirls in the pan on top of each color. Then flip and cook your pancakes as normal. 

After all the pancakes are done use your cookie cutters and cut the pancakes into leaf shapes.
That's it!!

I then took breakfast sausages and cut them up to look like little acorns.  

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Fall Color Leaf Cookies

I have seen this idea in magazines and ALL OVER Pinterest for the past two years and I FINALLY was able to make it this year. This is so cute, fun, and easy recipe that you and the kiddos can make.

 First take any sugar cookie dough (store bought or homemade) and separate the dough into three pieces. Color pieces of dough red, orange, and yellow with food coloring. It is ok if you don't completely cover the dough with the color and some white still shows.

Give each child a piece of  the three colors of dough.

Have then push the color together to form a ball.

Then let the kiddos roll out the dough.

Give them the leaf cookie cutter and let them cut out as many leaves as they can.

Bake the cookies depending on the recipe you are using.

That's it!
The girls had fun with these cookies. They love to cook and bake so anytime I let them bake or cook they get happy!
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Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY "Bling Vases"

I saw this idea for these vases all over Pinterest for Wedding D├ęcor and I knew I wanted to create them myself for my house. Now these vases are easy to make but do take time to make and you need a lot of Jewels or Gems for them so I suggest if you make these make them when you can find the Jewels or Gems on sale. Michael's, Joann's, and Hobby Lobby always have good sales.

I got my vases (of course) at Dollar Tree and the Jewels at Wal-mart and Joann's. I then glued the Jewels on the vases with a hot glue gun.

Now they look pretty just like this but I tied ribbon around mine.

That is it!

I put my vases on top of my DIY "Elegant Decor". I used this one at my desk for my pencils and pens.

I put this one in my bathroom and used it for our toothbrushes.

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DIY "Elegant Decor"

DIY " Elegant Decor"

I have been having this idea for this project in my head for months and I finally found time to make it and it came out better than I thought it would.

First I got these candle holders from dollar tree and glued them together. Then I spray painted them.

Then I strung some beads the length of the circle to put around it.

Then I strung two different size length beads to connect to the first one I strung so that they would dangle.

Then I hot glued the strung beads around the outer edge of the circle.

That is it.

I put my DIY "Bling Vases" on top of them and used this one at my desk for my pens and pencils.

This one I put in my bathroom for my toothbrushes.

You can use these also for candles or other things. Love how I can have a elegant look without spending a lot. You may also use these for serving trays or dessert trays but make sure you put napkin on it before you put the food because you want to protect the food from the paint you spray painted on it.

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