Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Trash to Treasure Storage Cubbies Makeover

When I found these storage cubbies I was so excited because I needed some storage to reorganize my closet and I knew these would be great for my closet. 

When I first found them I just used them as they were but now that I am organizing my closet I wanted to make everything match with the blue/brown color theme I had.

First I painted the inside of the cubbies a light blue color.

Then I painted the outside brown.

I have the cubbies sitting on top of my closets shelves so I can have more floor space for my shoe organization. I used these cubbies to organize my sweaters and purses. On top of the cubbies you can see my DIY Storage Boxes that I made and I used those boxes to store my Halloween Costumes. The same blue paint I used for the storage boxes I used for the cubbies as well.

I also am using the other cubbies on the other side of my closet to organize my jeans and shorts.

Hope you enjoyed this post stay tune because I will be posting more projects that have to do with my closet organization and also my WHOLE  closet organization post.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trash to Treasure (Alabama Crimson Tide Makeover)

 I LOVE trash day because I always find furniture that people throw out that are in good shape that I can fix and paint and make it look brand new. A while ago I found this file cabinet that someone was throwing out and I knew I could make something out of it so I grab it and decided to put it in the hubby's "MAN CAVE" for him because he did need some extra storage. Of course I couldn't leave it as it was, even though it was in ok shape so I gave it a "Alabama Crimson Tide" makeover. My husband favorite college team is "Alabama Crimson Tide" so whenever I buy or make something for his room I make to go with the team colors or logo.

So the colors I decided to use was black and Red Sedona. My hubby said they do have a color red called "Crimson Red" but I couldn't find it so I just found a color that I thought was close to the color which was Red Sedona at Walmart.

After the paint dried I let the hubby put on whatever Crimson Tide stickers he wanted on the file cabinet.

This is the BEFORE

and this is the AFTER

This project cost me about  $20 in materials to make and I still have a whole lot of paint and stickers left over for other future projects. Other Alabama Crimson Tide furniture that I saw online price range from  $100 -$500 so I was glad to make this for $20 and still have materials left over.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

DIY Storage Boxes

It is that time of the year when we get rid of things and time to get organize. That is what I am doing right now in my house and when I organize the first thing I do is try to use the things I got at home to organize with first before I go out and buy things. 

So I had these Nike shoe boxes that work great for storage boxes but I just couldn't have them store my things and not look nice so I dressed them up.

First I spray painted the bigger one blue and the smaller one pink. I used spray paint because that is what I had at home but you could use craft paint as well.

I had some pretty decorative tape and decided to put them on the boxes as well.

Now I have pretty Decorative Storage boxes that I created with the things I had at home.

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