Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Fun Experiment (Magic Potion Lab)

Today I wanted to have some science fun with the girls so I created a "Magic Potion Lab" for them and let them mix and play to create any creation they wanted.

First I took some old bottles and filled them half way with vinegar and then colored them with food coloring.

Then I filled some bowls with baking soda and glitter.

For the "Magic Potion Lab" set up I brought out all the materials I prepared, dish soap, two more bottles and funnels. Notice that we are outside because I was not going to do this project inside with the kiddos LOL.

I also had two dish pans near by one filled with water and the other empty so the girls could pour out their creations, rinse and make new ones.

Then I invited them to play and create!!

And the eruptions began!!

They had so much fun with this science activity that they played almost an hour and did not want to stop playing when it was time for lunch!!

And this is the end result and why I did this project outside LOL but they had fun so that is all that matters.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mini Travel Toy Boxes

With a lot of us traveling this summer the one thing that parents mostly think about when traveling is how to entertain the kiddos!! In my car I am lucky enough to have portal DVD player for my girls to watch movies and they also have leapsters to play with but even with those gadgets kids get bored quick. Plus kids love to imagine, create, and play so they need other things beside electronics to entertain themselves. So to keep my girls entertain on long car rides or plane rides I made them their own "Mini Travel Toy Boxes".

Old baby wipe boxes are great to use as "MINI TRAVEL TOY BOXES" because they are sturdy and free!

You could just used the boxes as they are but I wanted to make it prettier for my girls! When I reuse something I always like to dress it up to make it look better. I just used Rustoleum Spray paint in the colors I wanted and once they were dry I spray painted two coats of Clear spray paint to protect the color paint from scratches that the girls might add to them later.

I then took some letter stickers and put my girls name on the boxes so that each of them had their "OWN" MINI TRAVEL TOY BOX which will also prevent fighting over toys when traveling! LOL

I then gave the boxes to my girls and told them to fill the box with their favorite little toys. I also included some crayons and a little notebook for them to draw or play games with. I didn't spray paint the inside because why waste paint on a part no one sees! LOL 

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Garage Sale Find Makeover

Every women ( I think ) should have a place in their house where they can sit and get pretty or glamorous! Even if you are just doing your hair. Before I was just getting ready in the bathroom like most women do but I was getting tired of having to stand and lean over the mirror do my make up and hair. Putting a chair in the bathroom was not an option because one there was no room and two the cabinets would always get in the way of me getting close to the mirror. I was looking for something different where I could sit and get ready. 

When I saw this Vintage Vanity at a Garage Sale I saw potential in it to created something I wanted so I got it.  

This is a close up of just the desk piece.

The first thing I did was remove all the drawers and paint the desk part a dark brown.

Some people make have liked to keep the old finish on it but as you can see the desk part had some scratches and stains on it so by painting all of it a new color I could cover all the imperfections up.

This is what it looks like when it was all done being painted. I painted two coats on it and I waiting a whole day before I put the next coat on because I wanted the paint to stick.

Now it was on to the drawers. I didn't like the handle part that it had where it was carved into the drawer.

So  I got some Wood Filler to fill in those carved out drawer handles.

I let the Wood Filler dry for a whole day and the next day I sanded it down to make it even with the drawer fronts.

Now it was time to make the holes for the drawers. Here is a TIP on how to make sure you drill your holes the right measurements apart. Put some painters tape onto the handles you are going to use and poke holes where the screws would go in.

Then poke a hole exactly in the middle of those two holes.

Then measure out and find the middle of the drawer and mark it. Then place the middle hole on the tape on that spot you just mark on your drawer. Make a mark with a pencil where the two screw holes should go and remove the tape.

Use a drill to create the hole you need for the draw handles.

Now it is time to dress up the drawers and make them nicer. For this next step you will need fabric, mod podge, and foam brushes.

Put an even layer of mod podge onto the fronts and sides of the fronts of the drawers.

When cutting your fabric to go onto you the drawers make sure you cut it a inch or a inch and half longer on all sides so you have enough fabric for the sides. Place the fabric onto the drawer and you have a little time to adjust the fabric how you want it. Then once you have it like you want it take a DRY foam brush and smooth out the fabric of any bubble or wrinkles. Then apply another coat of mod podge on top of the fabric and down the fronts sides of the drawers.

Use an exacto knife to trim up the edges and to poke holes through the fabric where the handles will go.

These are the handles I bought for the Vanity. For the top two small drawers I used the small knobs and the rest of the drawers got the longer ones.

Attach your handle.

Now it is time to make the border on the drawers. Because the drawers where stacked on top of each other I wanted to make a border to created a separation between the drawers. I wanted to add a little sparkle to it so I choose to use sequins.  

Here is a TIP when you are working with sequins use a white make up pencils to grab the sequins and place it where you want it to go. This is just a wet and wild one and the sequins sticks to the pencils and make it easier to place it where you want.

I covered the whole border with sequins. ( You may see some brown spots on this picture through the fabric but that because the fabric is still wet, once it dries it will all look even)

Now onto the mirror. This is how it looked before.

This mirror had a crack in the top border and I wanted to cover it up.

I got these Blue gems at Dollar Tree and thought these would be pretty as a border around the mirror and cover up the crack.

I just used a hot glue gun and glued the gems all around the border of the mirror.

This is the finished Vanity!!

Here is a close up of the middle drawer. Sorry the picture is dark.

Here is the close up of the side drawers.

This is what the bench look like before.

I took it apart and painted the wood frame brown.

I cut out the old fabric and foam from the cushioning seat.

I saw that there were cracks in the wood and since I knew I was going to cover up the wood and just decided to use good ole duck tape to fix it .

To make a new seat I needed batting and spray glue.

I took some batting folded it four time and sprayed the wood with the spray glue stuck the batting onto the wood.

Then I cut two layers of batting a little bit longer then the seat and laid it over the seat. 

Then I flipped the the seat over and attached the batting to the back of the seat with a staple gun.

I cut the fabric that I used for the drawers just like I cut the top two layer of batting and laid it over the batting flip the seat over and attached the fabric on the back side of the seat with a staple gun.

That is it!! I LOVED the way this Vanity came out and it is going into my walk in closet and is another part of my Closet Organization that I am working on right now so stay tune for more of that. 

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