Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY Plastic Bag Organizer

Hi everyone I wanted to share this cool organization idea that I found on Pinterest. I can't remember what blog page I found it on but for whoever came up with this idea is creative.

 I don't know about you but I reuse my plastic bags for everything and before I used to just store a bunch of them in one plastic bag but that takes up a lot of space and looks ugly so when I saw this idea I could not wait to do it because it gets all your bags organized and takes up less space.

First you need to flatten out about 12-15 plastic bags and get all the air out.

Then fold the bag in half.

Then start layering the bags on top of each other.

You will have a long line of bags like this when you are done layering.

Then go to the first bag and fold down the flap.

 Now start rolling up the bag keeping that flap that you just folded down sticking out. Roll it tight together.

Once you have rolled up all the bags it will look like this.

Then put the bags into a empty and clean Lysol or Clorox wipes container.

Stick the flap threw the hole of the lid. When you need a bag pull that flap and the bag will come out and replace it with another bags flap.

Now you could leave the container how it is but I wanted to make it look pretty so I just covered the container with decorative contact paper.

And of course because I LOVE to label everything I had to label these containers.

These containers can hold 12-15 bags and take up less space then the way I had them before. I keep one in the car and put one under each sink in the house.

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Also please leave me comments on ways that you like to organize I love sharing ideas with people! :-)


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