Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentine's Day Heart Gems Decor

Hi everyone. For the past few days I have been sharing with you my Valentine's Day Decor ideas that I have made this year with dollar tree items. Here are the last two things that I created using Dollar Tree items. 

I have used these Gem hearts before for the Valentine's Day Heart Gems Counting  learning activity I have done with Bri during Preschool and Pre-K learning at home. (click on the link to take you to the post on the learning activity). This year I was going to use these gem hearts to decorate for Valentine's Day. I made two Valentine's Day Decor with these gems.

For the first Valentine's Day Decor, I used these two square vases.

I then filled this vase with the pink heart gems. It took two bags to fill the vase.

I picked these white roses to go with the pink heart gems.

I cut the stems so the flowers could be shorter and fit the vase nicely. This arrangement took two flower bunches.

For the next Gem decor I used this rimmed vase.

I took some green foam, cut it in half, and put it in the middle of the vase. I did this so I would not have to use so many heart gems to fill the vase.

I then filled this vase with the red heart gems.

I then took a white candle and put a red heart sticker on it to make it look more decorative.

I then placed the candle on top of the red heart gems.

This is how I placed my new Valentine's Day Decor on my mom's fireplace.

I hope you enjoyed all my DOLLAR TREE VALENTINE'S DAY DECOR ideas that I have been sharing with you this week. 

Please share with me in the comments section below some of your DIY Valentine's Day creations. I love to see them!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Valentine's Day Topiary

Hi everyone I have another Valentine's Day Decor idea that I made that I wanted to share with you guys. This Valentine's Day Decor idea I found on Pinterest titled Candlestick Topiary tutorial (click on the title to go to the blog post). The blog post came from the website Stay at home Artist .I thought this decor was so Beautiful and so easy to recreate.

The materials you will need are a candle stick, foam ball, flowers, and craft glue. I got everything from Dollar Tree except the glue.

The first thing you do is glue the foam ball to the candle stick. I actually used E6000 glue for this part. Let the glue dry for 24 hours.

Take the flowers off their stem and put craft glue on the point of the flower.

Starting from the bottom, poke/stick the point of the flower into the foam ball. Make sure that you push the point of the flower all the way through into the foam ball. 

Keep pushing in the flowers from the bottom to the top in any pattern you choose. This one was mine and I choose to have the different color flowers alternating throughout.

This one was my mom's Topiary and she chose to have the different colors in rows. 

This is how my Valentine's Day Topiary looked on my mom's fireplace.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Valentine's Day Dollar Tree Apothecary Jars

Hi everyone! So Valentine's Day is coming up and I wasn't going to decorate this year for Valentine's Day as I have done before because my family and I are staying at my parent's house until our house is built. But then I saw a post on Pinterest title 30 DIY Valentine Decorations Ideas (Click on title to go to the post) and I got inspired to decorate my moms house for Valentine's Day. One of the ideas I liked was how they filled some Apothecary Jars with Valentine's Day decorations. Since I just recently made my own Apothecary Jars, I thought this would be such a cute Valentine's Day Decor to recreate. If you would like to see the blog post on how to make your own Apothecary Jars click here ---> DIY Dollar Tree Apothecary Jars. I notice that some of the things they used to fill the jars with, I could get at Dollar Tree and I would come up with another way to fill the other jar.

The above pictures show all the Valentine's Day decorations that I purchased at Dollar Tree for this project.

This is one of the Apothecary Jars I made with Dollar Tree items.

I took the hearts off the sticks and put them inside this Apothecary Jar with the shredded papers.

Here is another Apothecary Jar I made.

To fill this one I used the hearts on the string and used one of the sticks from the small hearts to make it stand up in the jar.

This was another Apothecary Jar I made.

To fill this one I just used pink and red rose petals

This is how the Apothecary Jars look on my mom's fireplace. The other Valentine's Day Decor on the fireplace I will share in a future post.

I love how this Valentine's Day decoration came out. Please leave me a comment below on some of your favorite ways to decorate for Valentine's Day.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

DIY Dollar Tree Apothecary Jars

I LOVE Apothecary Jars! I have always wanted them because you can do so much with them and put different things inside them to go with so many different themes. What I DIDN'T like about them was the price! Apothecary Jars can cost anywhere from $18 to all the way up to $60! Yikes!!! Even though I LOVE them I couldn't see myself spending that much on one Apothecary Jar. Recently I had been on Pinterest and saw some posts on how to make Apothecary Jars with some old vases and candle sticks and I got inspired to create my own. Usually I would post on here the websites that I got my inspiration from but the truth is there are so MANY post on Pinterest on how to make Apothecary Jars that if I would link up all the post it would take up this whole post LOL. So lets just say that I got my inspiration from MULTIPLE post on Pinterest. LOL Thank you  to all on Pinterest who inspired me and gave me some ideas. I took from each post what I liked about them and came up with some ideas of my own and create my own Apothecary Jars. I was so happy with how my Apothecary Jars came out! In fact, I like the ones I made better than the ones in the store and mine only cost $3 or less to make them. So let me get right into the post so I can show you guys how I created my own Apothecary Jars.

Sorry for the blurry picture. The main material that you will need to make these Apothecary Jars is E6000 glue. This glue works great for glass projects. You should let the glue dry for at least 24 hours without touching or moving the pieces that you are gluing together. 

These are some of the things I used to make the different types of Apothecary Jars. I used different size glass vases, different size glass bowls and glass candle sticks. I got them all from Dollar Tree. I also used small and large glass lids from old candle jars that I clean out after the candles were burned down.

To make my first Apothecary Jar I used this slim glass vase, glass candlestick, and I used the lid from this round glass jar that I also got from Dollar Tree. The round glass jar won't go to waste because I have another DIY project in mind for the round glass jar without the lid. Nothing will go to waste because I will always have something in mind for it.

First thing I did was, I attached the glass candlestick to each vase. I turn the vases upside down and glued the candlestick to the bottom of the vase in the center using the E6000 glue. Do not touch or move the candle stick for 24 hours.

I then used a butter knife to remove the plastic rim from the jar lid because I didn't want the plastic to show through the Apothecary Jar and I love the look better when it is all glass.

This is how the first one came out.

I use the same things to make this Apothecary Jar except for this one I used a smaller vase.

For my next Apothecary Jar, I had to make a different lid for it than the one I used in the previous Apothecary Jar because this Vase's rim opened up wider than it's base. This is one of the ideas on pinterest that I saw but instead of gluing a knob on the small bowl, I decide to use what I had at home instead of buying something. What I had at home were old glass candle jars and the lids would be perfect to use instead of a glass knob to glue onto the small bowl.

I popped off the plastic rim off the small glass candle jar lid just like I did with the glass jar lid from  the previous Apothecary Jar I made.

Then I glued the small glass lid onto the small glass bowl with E6000. Wait 24 hours to dry.

This is how it turn out.

Now I will admit if you do not put the lid on right with this Apothecary Jar it will tip over like this.

One way to prevent this is by putting four hot glue dots on the bottom of the bowl. I didn't like the way it looked so I removed the glue dots and just kept it without it. Once you put your contents in the Jars your lid won't move much and unless you bump it, it won't move so I didn't have a problem with it staying in place but if you want some security then you can do the Hot Glue dots on the bottom of the bowl.

For the next Apothecary Jar I needed to make a different lid as well because the vase I used for this Apothecary Jar was a wider vase. To make the lid I used a medium size glass bowl and a small glass candle jar lid.

I glued the small glass candle jar lid to the glass bowl with E6000.

This is how this one turn out.

My last Apothecary Jar was easy to make because I did not have to make a lid for it. The lid from a old large glass candle jar fit perfectly in this shaped vase.

This is how my last Apothecary Jar turn out.

This is how three of them looked put together.

Again I am sooo HAPPY that I found ideas on Pinterest on how to make my own CHEAPER and BETTER LOOKING Apothecary Jars. All these Apothecary Jars cost me $3 or less each to make and that is WAY CHEAPER than $18-$60.

Stay tune for future post on how I use my new Apothecary Jars and what I put inside them.

Coming soon is a post title Valentine's Day Dollar Tree Apothecary Jars.

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