Hi my name is Maria and welcome to my blog. I love to cook, bake, craft, DIY, teach my girls in fun ways, and save money. I worked at a daycare for seven years and realize that my love is to be in a classroom teaching children. I am a stay at home wife and mother and currently going to school to become a Teacher.

My Family

 I am a wife to a man who is my best friend and who is always making me laugh (in fact that is why I fell for him). We have been married for 12 years now. I am very proud of my Family and they mean everything to me. Everything I do is for them. I love creating memories and having fun with my girls.

Now that I am a mom I still remember all the fun traditions and activities that my mom did with me, my sister and brother and I want to pass those down to my girls and make new ones as well. My parents were all about family time and traditions and so I get my love for family time from them. My mom was also into to crafts and DIY projects and I learn so much from her. I want my girls to remember their childhood with fun family memories so they can pass them down to their children as well.

My Girls

 We have two beautiful, energetic, sweet, and lovely little girls, who are very girly girls in how they dress BUT very tomboy like when they play!! LOL Which keeps me on my toes a lot!!

About the Blog

I have always love doing crafts, DIY projects, organizational projects, recipes, learning activities, and family fun idea. Whenever I had an idea or found a great idea on these things I would do them and then post the pictures on facebook or the idea because I wanted to share them with my family friends.  After awhile my husband, family, and close friends told me I should start a blog so I could share my ideas with everyone in a way where I could explain the ideas more. At first I didn't want to create a blog because I don't really  know ANYTHING about computers or webpages and to be honest I really didn't want to research on how to do it because I knew it would be a lot of work. Then a friend told me where I could go to set up a easy one and so I did. On this blog you will find things about fun ways to teach your children at home, DIY ideas, fun children activities, recipes, organization tips, money saving tips, crafts, holidays ideas, and more. Some Ideas I have come up with myself and some ideas I found online or in magazines and will let you know where I found them.

Hope you enjoy this Blog and it helps with fun Ideas for your family! :-)

To contact me just send me a email at riasworldofideas@yahoo.com.
Thank you!

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